Trainz Movies

These movies were made primarily with footage from worlds built with Auran's Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006. And unless otherwise specified, it's probably a good guess that the scenes were filmed on my Willow Lake & Grandville Railroad — a fictitious railroad that, if real, would be located in south-western Pennsylvania (with one branch that extends south a little ways into West Virginia).

A note about the encoding used for these movies:

These movies can be played with any DivX 5 compatible codec, though I recommend using DivX v6.2 codec (or higher), which you can download from (just pick the free download unless you want to encode movies yourself).

For the curious, I actually encoded the movies using the XviD codec (, but used settings that are compatible with DivX 5. In my opinion, XviD works better for encoding than DivX, but DivX works better for decoding them. DivX seems to mess up the colors a tad when encoding, but plays them back beautifully; XviD is just about the opposite — it seems to encode the colors better (and with fewer macroblocking problems), but it munges the colors on playback. Maybe someday I'll have a codec that I like for both encoding and decoding (will h.264 be my salvation?!? only time will tell).

One Rainy Evening     [7/7/2006]

A sad, rainy day, but the railroad must work on.

This movie is really meant to be watched in a darkened room. I could have increased the gamma of the movie to a point where it could be viewed acceptably in a bright, sunlit environment, but, UGH, it just makes me cringe to think about ruining the nice subdued colors like that.

The high-rez version of the movie does require fairly high transfer rates from your hard-disk and system bus. Any modern computer should be able to handle it just fine, but if you have an older computer and notice the sound breaking up, try the low-rez version. Otherwise the only advantage to the low-rez version is that it will download over the Net faster.

High Resolution (720 x 480) [44.3 MB]

Low Resolution (480 x 320) [19.8 MB]

(Right-click and pick "Save Target As" to save to your computer's hard-drive.)

Waterfall Passage     [6/30/2006]

This movie isn't all that exciting — it's basically just a film of a long coal train passing by a waterfall. It was the first movie I made and mostly I was just learning all about the editing process and codecs and all sorts of fun stuff you need to know when makin' moviez. But if you want something sort of meditative, watching a mile-long coal train pass on a sunny day might be just the ticket.

Medium Resolution (640 x 512) [15.0 MB]

(Right-click and pick "Save Target As" to save to your computer's hard-drive.)

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