Waterfall and Purple Sky [June 2020] get a link to this artwork

wood veneer (purpleheart, walnut burl, elm burl, myrtle burl, birch burl, curly anigre, bleached curly anigre)
[32" H x 8" W]
This piece was inspired by Chinese and Japanese paintings of waterfalls, but done with wood instead of paint and ink. It is made of layers of wood veneer stacked on top of one another. I started doing it like a marquetry, where all the wood inlay is in the same plane, but while I was arranging pieces and trying out various looks, I came to really like the slight three-dimensionality that I got just by overlapping and laying the pieces on top of one another. I kept adding more layers of spacer material as I worked my way down from the top so the rocky cliffs along the sides get progressively farther from the original surface.