Cracked Geisha [Jan 2023] get a link to this artwork

katalox, maple, purple dye
[8¾" high x 2½" diameter]
[ Artifact 202301A ]
 $ 130 
This type of figurine is inspired by Japanese kokeshi dolls. Its body is made of Katalox (a.k.a. Mexican Royal Ebony) -- a wonderful wood that is dense and feels so nice when polished smooth. On average, this wood is denser than water, so it's one of the few woods that won't float. The wood I used for the body cracked a bit while drying but I decided to use it anyway since it was such gorgeous wood. The face is made from Maple. The hair is also Maple, but I burned it with a torch to darken it and give it a bit of texture. Then I applied a wash of purple dye over the hair. The entire piece was then finished with tung oil.